This PD Awareness Month, Use Your Miles for Good

If you haven't heard by now, April is Parkinson's Awareness month, and Team Fox is challenging its community (returning and new members) to raise $1 million dollars by the end of April. Whether you like to run, bike or swim, you can take your athletic passion and turn it into a fundraising journey.

Picking a race is half the battle. Weather, you choose an official race, which Team Fox has charity entries into such as the TCS NYC Marathon and the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, or, have a local race that you have your eye on – make your miles count by signing up as a Team Fox athlete! We would love for you to create a fundraising page and represent Team Fox out on the course.

Fun ways to fundraise as an Athlete:

  • Set Donation Amounts – Set unique donation amounts to correspond with the distance of your race. Running a marathon? Ask for a $1 per mile ($26.20)
  • Brand Yourself – Wear a Team Fox shirt during training runs. When people comment about your t-shirt it's the perfect opportunity to talk about being a member and ask for support.
  • Exercise for a Cause – Training at the gym for your upcoming race? Ask if they will teach a Zumba or Spin class for free and invite friends and family to participate at a set donation amount.
  • Give Incentive – Offer to do something embarrassing, like wear an orange tutu or shave your head for race day if you are able to raise a certain amount of money.
  • Acknowledge Donors: Tell donors that contribute a certain amount that you will put their name on your race day shirt to acknowledge their support!
  • 5K Your Way: Don't see a race you like? Create your own! In recent years, we have seen an increase in Team Fox members taking matters into their own hands and hosting a 5K in their local town with proceeds benefiting the Foundation. If you're interested in learning more about hosting your own 5K race, email us at athletes@michaeljfox.org

With 100% of Team Fox proceeds going directly to research, now is the perfect time to join Team Fox! Choose a race and make a commitment to Team Fox this month, and help make April a #MillionDollarMonth!

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