Team Fox Half Time Report: Lacing Up to Run NYC

It's the beginning of half marathon season, when hundreds of Team Fox runners prepare to line up at the start in support of Parkinson's research. Team Fox checks in with veteran Boston racers and first-time members Lizzy Guyton and Stephanie "Steph" Egizi, who will run the 2016 United Airlines NYC Half on Sunday, March 20. Read on to learn why they're inspired to help speed a cure, their race day tips and the tunes that keep them moving during their weekly training runs.

Team Fox: What's your inspiration to run the NYC Half with Team Fox?

Steph: Having motivation to run during the cold winter months is never a bad thing. And having the opportunity to be inspired by a cause that is truly near and dear to my heart has been amazing. My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease (PD) several years ago, but our family has been largely distant from the Parkinson's community to date.

Lizzy: I'm running to support three special people in my life who are dealing with Parkinson's, including Steph. This is the first time she has publicly discussed her dad's diagnosis. When we announced that we were running for Team Fox, we were stunned at the immediate and overwhelming support we received from friends, family, coworkers and people we barely knew. Their generosity and kindness has motivated both of us as we train through the Boston cold.

Team Fox: What are you most looking forward to on race day?

Lizzy: Crossing the finish line, of course. I'm also excited to meet other runners on Team Fox. It's my first time running with a team!

Steph: I'm looking forward to the entire experience — meeting more Team Fox members, jogging to the start line and ultimately finishing. I'm also looking forward to buying myself a brand new race day outfit! I've earned it, right?

Team Fox: What tips would you share with a first-time runner?

Lizzy: If it's raining on race day, wear a trash bag. It might sound silly, but it was pouring rain during my first half and my friend made me put a bag on with holes in the sides for my arms. The trash bag keeps your whole core dry and you can ditch it partially through the race and have fresh clothes underneath.

Steph: I agree with Lizzy that you deserve to buy a new outfit for race day. However, do not wear brand new sneakers. I learned this hard way one year trying to be stylish and I ended up with two bloody ankles.

Team Fox: What's your running partner style? Do you train together?

Lizzy: Even though we signed up to do this race together, Steph refuses to do training runs with me! We both love Team Fox but I train alone.

Steph: During training, I love to run alone. There's something about Boston on a Saturday morning that is so peaceful and serene. However, I can't imagine racing alone. Lizzy and I bicker about running together because she always abandons me (she's faster than me!) but I cannot imagine having a different partner on race day.

Team Fox: You're in the final stretch of your weekly long run, what three songs are going to get you to the finish?


"Post to Be" – Omarion

"My House" – Flo Rida

"Riser" – Dierks Bentley


"Drunk on Your Love" – Brett Eldredge

"Because You Love Me" – Celine Dion

"Perfect" – One Direction

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