No Mountain High Enough – No Valley Low Enough, The Xtreme Adventures of Tour de Fox

In the 85 days that have passed since Tour de Fox kicked off on June 2, Sam has biked thousands of miles, withstood all sorts of treacherous weather, been joined by thousands of inspirational participants, and made great strides towards his ultimate $1 million fundraising goal—100 percent of which will go towards funding critical Parkinson's research.

The highpoints along the way were found in corn fields, on hilltops, down winding roads and up steep rocky mountain trails. As the crew navigates through the forty-sixth state of the scheduled forty-eight state national tour, only 19 days and 2 major peaks remain. Let's take a look back at some of the most challenging and grueling moments so far, and what's still to come. This is Tour de Fox Xtreme:


Elevation: 5,344 feet

Duration: 15 miles, 1 day

Participants: Sam, Tour de Fox Crew + 4

Fun Fact: Inopportune weather didn't stop the crew from having some fun at the summit!


Elevation: 13,809 feet

Duration: 50 miles, 3 days

Participants: Sam, Tour de Fox Crew + 3

Fun Fact: The summit is snow-covered year round.

Yellowstone National Park Ride (WY and MT)

Duration: 170 mile, 2 day ride from Jackson, WY to Cooke City, MT

Participants: Sam + 2

Fun Fact: The route took riders through two national parks, Grand Teton and Yellowstone.

Check out this great video including elements of the Gannett Peak climb and the Yellowstone Ride.

Granite Peak (MT)

Elevation: 12,807 feet

Duration: 25 miles, 2 days

Participants: Sam + Tour de Fox Crew Member, Chris Stanley

Fun Fact: Sam and Chris departed for their final hike to the summit around 3AM, in complete darkness. Take a look!

Rim to Rim Grand Canyon Run (AZ)

Duration: 23 mile run, 1 day

Participants: Sam

Fun Fact: The climate on the canyon floor in the summer can reach up to 106 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius).

Death Valley Ride (CA)

Duration: 135 miles, 2 days

Participants: Sam

Fun Fact: Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park is the lowest point in North America, with an elevation of 282 ft. below sea level. Average temperatures in late August? 116 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mt. Whitney (CA)

Elevation: 14,496 feet

Duration: 20 miles, 3 days

Participants: Sam + 7

Fun Fact: Mt. Whitney is the highest peak in the continental United States, and reaching the summit is worthy of a serious celebration!

Mt. Hood Ride and Climb (OR):

Elevation: 11,250 feet

Duration: 65 miles from Portland, OR to the base of Mt. Hood, followed by a 6-mile, 2-day hike

Participants: Sam

Fun Fact: Mt. Hood is a dormant or "sleeping" volcano, with steam constantly spewing from fumarole areas. Applications are still available to join in!

Mt. Rainier (WA):

Elevation: 14,410 feet

Duration: 16 miles, 3 days

Participants: Sam

Fun Fact: Fresh water is never a problem since there are 26 glaciers that continually melt providing constant access.

Applications are still available to join in!

Inspired by the efforts of Sam and his fellow TDF Xtreme participants? There's still time to join the Tour before it wraps in Vancouver on September 12! Visit the Tour de Fox calendar of events, or make a donation towards helping Tour de Fox reach its $1 million fundraising goal!

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