How One Team Fox Member is Defeating Parkinson’s through Exercise

It's the start of a new year, and Team Fox members are more driven than ever to make 2016 count. We sat down with Tom Fulmer to learn more about his event focused on customizable exercise experiences, Exercise to Defeat Parkinson's, and his advice for new members interested in getting involved with Team Fox in 2016:

1. What motivated you to organize Exercise to Defeat Parkinson's and get involved with Team Fox?

A few years ago, I began searching the Team Fox website for an exercise-based fundraising event to join. I found a number of great events, only to discover that the date, the location or the type of exercise didn't work for me. I thought that others might be having the same problem, and that motivated me to create Exercise to Defeat Parkinson's.

2. Tell us about Exercise to Defeat Parkinson's?

Exercise to Defeat Parkinson's enables participants to customize the event to match their personal preferences. As the name suggests, participants raise money for PD research by setting and achieving exercise goals, and enlisting others to support their efforts. What's different is that you get to choose the type of exercise, the time and the place that works best for you. Think of it as your own personalized Team Fox event, without having to invest the time and effort required to create one. You simply complete the "Join the Team" process, set your goal and go for it! To see how it works, go to ExerciseToDefeatParkinsons.org

3. What role has your event played in your ability to get involved with Team Fox and make a difference?

Through our involvement with our Team Fox events, my wife Elaine and I have made new friends, been touched by the generosity of others, been inspired by the knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm of the Team Fox/MJFF staff and experienced the satisfaction of raising more than $18,000 (and counting) for PD research!

4. What advice would you give to someone who is interested in getting involved with Team Fox?

When people learn that PD is a part of your life or that you have PD and ask how they can help, consider responding: "I'm raising money for The Michael J. Fox Foundation to fund Parkinson's disease research, and I would greatly appreciate your support." Even if fundraising is outside your comfort zone — like it is for many — stretch yourself and do it anyway. You will never regret it, and may be surprised by the generosity that is returned!

Inspired to join in? Consider hosting your own event, applying to join an upcoming race or supporting an event in your area!

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