Five Reasons to Be at the 2016 Parkinson’s Unity Walk

The Parkinson's Unity Walk committee lists their top five reasons to join the fun for this year's Walk. Register to walk today and follow the progress with #PUW2016!

On Saturday, April 23, over 10,000 walkers are expected to gather at the 2016 Parkinson's Unity Walk in New York City's Central Park to move one step closer to ending Parkinson's disease (PD). Here are five reasons why you need to be part of this year's event.

1. Be Proactive: Take action against Parkinson's by walking.

Joining the Parkinson's Unity Walk is a way to help the Parkinson's community move closer to a cure. While there have been advancements in research and therapies to improve PD symptoms, we need to keep this progress going. The Unity Walk welcomes anyone who wants a cure for PD — people living with Parkinson's, caregivers, family and friends — all are invited to come out and walk!

2. Be Informed: Learn more about living with Parkinson's.

At the Unity Walk, participants will have the opportunity to learn about disease management by visiting the booths of Parkinson's organizations, healthcare experts (including movement disorders specialists and members of a multi-disciplinary team) and movement disorders centers. You can also watch exercise demonstrations and visit the booths of our sponsors to learn about current medical therapies.

3. Be a Supporter: Help fund critical research for Parkinson's disease.

The Unity Walk is the largest grassroots fundraiser for Parkinson's disease research in the country. Since its inception in 1994, it has funded hundreds of research studies, with 100 percent of donations from the event supporting research funded by seven major Parkinson's foundations including MJFF.

In 2015, the Unity Walk raised $1.7 million to fund treatments to halt or slow the progression of the disease and improve the quality of life for patients.

4. Be Part of Something Big: Unite with the Parkinson's community.

The Parkinson's family is a large one. The Unity Walk lets you meet new people, as well as reunite with old friends. When you gather with thousands of fellow walkers, you will feel the impact of people connecting with one shared goal — ending Parkinson's disease.

5. Be Empowered: Finish the Walk strong.

As you cross the finish line, leave Central Park with a sense of promise for the future. With new tools in hand and the support of an entire community, our goal is to equip each participant with the knowledge and encouragement to live well with Parkinson's disease and work toward the rest of the year.

Help us make every step count and register at UnityWalk.org. And watch this video to learn more about why "You Need to Be Here at the Parkinson's Unity Walk."

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