10 Lesser-Known Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

Before you or a loved one received a Parkinson's disease diagnosis, you may have only been familiar with the tremor symptom. Parkinson's is different for everyone, and includes both motor and non-motor symptoms. Even after diagnosis, many are not aware of the range of symptoms the disease can involve.

Lack of awareness around certain symptoms can delay diagnosis. Even after diagnosis, it can sometimes be difficult to tell when symptoms are a part of Parkinson's disease. And if you don't know that something is a Parkinson's symptom, you may also not be aware that it can be treated.

Our community shared symptoms that they didn't know were part of Parkinson's at first. If you're experiencing something new and you're unsure if it's related to Parkinson's, ask your doctor. A movement disorder specialist (a neurologist with additional training in Parkinson's disease) in particular will likely be well-versed in the variety of possible Parkinson's symptoms.

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