Summer Intern Spotlight: Meet Katherine Dunford

Every summer, The Michael J. Fox Foundation acquires a talented pool of interns who lend their skills to our mission to cure Parkinson's, and benefit from the chance to witness day-to-day operations at a fast-paced nonprofit.

This summer, MJFF's Communication's Intern, Sahirah Johnson, is hosting a Summer Intern Q&A series on the Fox Feed blog. Check out our Q&A with Katherine Dunford a senior at Marymount Manhattan College to hear about her experiences interning with Development.

Share a fun fact about yourself.

I have seen over 50 different Broadway shows. Since I am a theater student, it is very exciting being able to live and intern in NYC, right where so much important theatre happens.

What advice would you give to other interns?

My advice would be to do your research about the Foundation and know what your position is specifically about. Be informed! Try to examine how you would be able to fit in. Be prepared for anything on a daily basis because you never know what projects you may be working on.

What project are you most enjoying working on?

I would say I enjoy working with processing contributions and completing acknowledgement letters. I haven't had that responsibility before so it was good to learn that process. How it works is: the Foundation receives credit card and check payments toward events. I would have to take those payments and file them in excel, and then fill out an acknowledgement letter and organize them in a binder. I work in a development office in my school, so I am used to seeing these letters, but getting to actually process them was a good skill to obtain in my time here.

What is the one thing you hope to take away from your internship at MJFF?

I want to take away the ability to be able to come into a new organization/environment and understand how they operate and organize special events.

Outside of the internship, what is one thing on your summer agenda?

I am starting rehearsals for a show that I am production stage managing, a play called Tartuffe. My major is theater production and managemen,t and it is part of the curriculum to stage manage a show. It is a two month process which starts mid-August!

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